Project Development Services

Deciding whether a proposed project is within your budget, whether a proposed site is adequate, which project delivery approach is appropriate, or whether the entire project is feasible, requires information.

With our design and construction background, we provide valuable assessments early in the evaluation process

With our design and construction background, Tangible Properties can provide valuable assessments and specific deliverables, early in the evaluation process, such as:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Existing Conditions Assessments
  • Long Term Capital Assessments
  • Conceptual Floor Plans
  • Conceptual Site Plans
  • Programming
  • Project Budgets
  • Project Schedules
  • Analysis of Project Delivery
  • Design and Construction Options

Having an illustrative floor plan early in the planning process proves to be an extremely valuable tool for you to see adjacencies, work flow, relative sizes of spaces, and the realities of net to gross square footage. With a Conceptual Floor Plan in hand, the site analysis and selection exercise is also enhanced through a true understanding of the building’s size, how the building should be configured, and how it can relate to the site.

We can conduct a preliminary review of zoning regulations and develop a Conceptual Site Plan which includes placement of the building footprint, ingress and egress, parking, and other pertinent site improvements.

Using the Conceptual Floor Plans and the Conceptual Site Plans, we can develop a Preliminary Project Budget specific to each site being considered. These budgets can be itemized to a great deal of detail even at a preliminary phase. Budgeting/Feasibility will include development of an overall project budget for each location, inclusive of “soft” and “hard” costs, equipment costs, and relocation costs.

With our construction experience we can develop the project schedule and assist you in understanding when milestones need to be reached, both in your own decision making tasks and the tasks of others. We are believers in keeping schedules simple and understandable. Very often complicated schedules become nothing more than a burden, and are accurate only after the fact!